Yanmar Pleasure Craft Marine

Yanmar Marine engines used in sailboats and light work boats

Ratings 15hp to 500hp

We can supply you with a new engine only or engine with transmission or a complete package.

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Yanmar Commerical Marine

Commerical Yanmar is found is ocean going vessels,

Ratings 500hp to 1800hp

We supply engines only or complete  package to suite your requirements

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Air-Cooled Yanmar Diesel

Yanmar air-cooled diesel engines used in generator sets, pumps and portable equipment

Ratings 6.4hp and 9.1hp

Gensets 4.5kwe and 6.7kwe

Pumps dewatering and High pressure

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Yanmar Industrial Engines and Powered Gensets

Yanmar Industrial engines 6hp to 83hp

Yanmar diesel powered gensets 4kwe to 40kwe

We supply all type of generator sets from a basic low cost to most any type of requirement.

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Yanmar Parts

We stock parts for Yanmar diesel engines and transmissions.

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