Customgenerators and Equipment
Air Cooled Engine Service Ltd.

Service First

We are founded on service, our humble beginning was service and we have over 39 years servicing customers machinery and we are professionals. No equipment leaves our shop without being fully tested and verified. This is peace of mind for our customers that the job is done right.

Load Bank

We have invested in a fleet of load banks, complete testing of Generators and UPS systems in all common voltages, we can test over 1000KW systems.

Diagnostic Equipment


Milling Machine

Engine Boring Machine

Injector Tester

DC Load Bank

AC Load Banks

Dealer Tools

We are Dealers, Agents and OEM's and we have a complete selection of special tools to do repair work and rebuilding properly. In the modern world you cannot do proper repairs without these tools 



          After -------

When we say complete rebuilding we mean complete rebuilding, nobody does rebuilding better.